Collection: Natureofthings

Natureofthings is a modern wellness brand that integrates the timeless wisdom of nature into its product formulations. The brand emphasizes harmony between the body, mind, and the natural world, drawing on ingredients like plants, minerals, and elements that have been used in natural remedies for centuries. 

Their skincare offerings include items like the Facial Moisturizer and Clarifying Facial Polish. The Reparative Facial Moisturizer is noted for its hydrating properties and includes ingredients like rosa damascena flower oil, which, despite its potential as an irritant, serves as a moisturizing and fragrance component. The Clarifying Facial Polish is made with volcanic ash and glacial clay, known for drawing out impurities and promoting skin tightness and tone, although it's noted that some key ingredients like niacinamide and salicylic acid may be in lower concentrations than ideal for maximum effectiveness.

Natureofthings is committed to creating products that are effective and nurturing, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients​.