Collection: Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a skincare brand that was founded by Emily Doyle and Oliver Sweatman after they moved from New York City to Vermont to embrace a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Inspired by their new surroundings and disappointed by the available natural skincare options, they decided to create their own line of products. The brand emphasizes clean, effective skincare made from natural ingredients, aiming to provide a simple yet powerful routine that can be used by anyone, regardless of gender.

Their products range from face washes and moisturizers to deodorants and face wipes, all formulated to meet the needs of everyday explorers who value health-conscious, active lifestyles. Ursa Major's formulations are celebrated for their use of potent natural actives like aloe, green tea, and willow bark, which soothe, hydrate, and improve the skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

Ursa Major is committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible company, crafting products that are both effective and kind to the planet. This ethos is reflected in their packaging and product design, which prioritize sustainability and practicality.