Luscious Lashes with Raven Maven Mascara

Luscious Lashes with Raven Maven Mascara

Vamp the volume of your lashes and dramatize your eyes with Living Libations juicy, jet-black Raven Maven Mascara. Available here.

raven maven mascara by living libations

Many consider mascara a must-have, and at Living Libations they re-imagined this synthetic cosmetic with their compelling cosmoetic: a creation from the cosmos. Created with nature’s numinous nourishment, Raven Maven Mascara is long lash haven, formulated with pure ebonizing earth-pigments, length-perfecting peptides, eye-enhancing Frankincense, and natural volume-boosting waxes mixed with resins and opulent oils for sheen and conditioning that keep lashes glistening.

Get Raven Maven Mascara here.

Photo by @smallbitsofloveliness.

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