Collection: CLE Cosmetics

Founded by Lauren Jin, CLE Cosmetics blends modern technology with forward-thinking beauty concepts. Lauren, with a background in fashion, believed that beauty, like fashion, could create emotional connections and tell personal stories. For her, beauty is an expansive, subjective, and adaptable medium, resonating deeply with the modern womxn.

Each CLE product is crafted to create a ritualistic self-care experience, empowering womxn to express their personal power and sensuality. Centered on the latest Korean Beauty technology, CLE’s skincare and makeup embrace a minimalistic approach in both packaging and effectiveness.

Believing that beauty is innate, fluid, and subjective, CLE designs its products to enhance the natural self. Their curated, innovative products seamlessly integrate into any multi-step skincare and makeup routine. Each product is unique in function and form, making it a versatile and essential addition to your beauty regimen.

CLE Cosmetics sources all ingredients responsibly, collaborating with top-tier Korean labs to develop highly effective, quality products. Committed to clean beauty, all makeup and skincare are crafted with premium vegan, non-toxic ingredients, and never tested on animals.