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The Best Body Brushes Ever!

Facial Brush

Living Libations Facial Brush gently and effectively invigorates the delicate skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Dry brush in a gentle, circular motion towards the hairline. Finish by cleansing and moisturizing with one of Living Libations Best Skin Evers.

Body and Breast Brush

This brush is the perfect size and texture to dry-brush the entire body, while still being gentle enough to caress delicate breasts. While most body brushes are made with course, rough bristles, the Body and Breast Brush is powerful yet gentle enough for all areas of the body.

Begin with a single drop of Living Libations Verve + Tonic on the bristles of your Body and Breast Brush. Before bathing or showering. Post-bath, shower or sauna, glide on Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever and/or Breast Massage Oil and bask in the glory of truly radiant skin.

The Body and Breast Brush may be used every day, completely dry or with a single, potent drop of Verve + Tonic on the bristles.

Energy Brush

Upgrade your dry brushing game! The oiled beechwood handle is embedded with natural and ethically produced horsehair and bronze bristles comprised of real copper.

These beautiful solid wood brushes are durable and made to last. The Energy Brush is perfectly palm sized at 13.5 cm (5.5 in). It also comes in a tiny 9cm (3.5 in) travel size brush.

Energy Brush Traveller

Take Living Libations Energy Brush Traveller on your adventures to generate a ton of good vibes. Or perhaps your palm prefers a more petite option.

Care Instructions:

Avoid leaving wooden brushes soaking in water as it may lead to splitting.

To clean, quickly dip the brush in boiling water and set it out in the sun bristle-side down for a few hours to dry. Every few months, gently clean the brushes with a pure soap and rinse well. Let it dry in the sun, bristle-side down.

Jojoba and coconut oil are beautiful for cleaning and conditioning the handles of Living Libations dry brushes. Apply a small amount of oil to a clean cloth and carefully run the cloth over the handle then using a soft, absorbent cloth, wipe away any remaining oil.

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