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Living Libations



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This natural nailbrush is especially suitable for caring for your hands and nails. It is a healthy habit to brush fingernails and toenails each day. The nails are all little elimination organs, which need to be cleaned every day to remove the previous night’s waste products, along with cleansing daily dirt. This works very well using the short bristles of the nailbrush, which reach firmly under the nails.

Care Instructions:

The bodies of the brushes are made of solid waxed beech wood. Wooden brushes should not be left floating in the water for the whole of your bath. When you take a pause from brushing, please place the brush bristles downwards on the edge of the bath.

After using rinse the bristles with clear water, excess water should be tapped off and the brush should be placed bristles downwards on a dry towel.

If necessary the bristles may be washed in lukewarm soapy water, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, or they can be dropped into boiling water for 30 seconds every once in awhile.

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