Clarify, Rejuvenate and Brighten with TANU by FIFTY7KIND

This new brand in our shop comes all the way from Australia: meet FIFTY7KIND! Available here.

fifty7kind tanu serum

FIFTY7KIND is an utterly divine minimal collection of multi-award-winning, holistic, luxury products with a focus on ‘skin health’ formulating, fusing the most ecologically sustainable, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients with clinically-proven, HighPerformance Actives (hpa). The end results are luxurious and highly effective products.

Today let’s take a closer look at FIFTY7KIND TANU Skin Affinity Coactive Serum. TANU was formulated to clarify the skin by balancing it, it rejuvenates and brightens the look of skin with retinol-like effects, without skin irritation. It also delivers potent, targeted antioxidants with liposomal technology.

It has a vivid, intense, golden hue thanks to a high concentration of carotenoids, and a grounding, fresh, sweet-warm meadow-like scent, a beautiful synergy of Organic Turmeric, Chamomile and Blue Tansy.

TANU has a velvety soft texture, it absorbs both quickly and deeply without greasy residue. Formulated to be enjoyed by all skin stages (types). A non-comedogenic formula, can be applied to acne prone skins as well, without the worry of clogging pores.

Shop TANU here.

Photo by FIFTY7KIND.

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