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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Sacred Sage Meditative Chrism

LIVING LIBATIONS - Sacred Sage Meditative Chrism

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Sacred Sage Meditative Chrism

Living Libations Sacred Sage Meditative Chrism clears senses, sanctifies sacred spaces and purifies places with a reverent blend of Cedar Bark, Vetiver Roots, Sandalwood, Silver Fir, and Douglas Fir, setting a fragrant foundation for a gathering of sages from many nations: Kenyan leleshwa, South African Blue mountain Sage, Spanish sage, Desert Sage, and Canadian White Sage.

Daily dawns, meditative moments and waxing moons commune to the sacred tune of this liquid sage-smudge in a bottle. Upon inhaling your senses will open to all that is, to all relations, to clarity, to scented-spirals wider than duality.

How to use: Anoint this meditative chrism under the nose, apply as an aroma upon hair and skin, diffuse for air care, use in salt inhaler, or sanctify your bath with a couple of drops to revive with reverence.

INGREDIENTS: Sandalwood - Santalum album, Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides, Cedar - Cedrus atlantica, Leleshwa - Tarchonanthus camphoratus, Spanish Sage - Salvia officinalis, Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga menziesi, Silver Fir - Abies alba, Blue Mountain Sage - Salvia stenophylla, Desert Sage - Artemisia tridentata, White Sage - Salvia Apiana.


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