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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Crystal Nail File

LIVING LIBATIONS - Crystal Nail File

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Crystal Nail File

Activate your nails with the crystalline power of pure, tempered crystal glass! Living Libations Crystal Nail File offers superior filing power to prevent the peeling and chipping commonly caused by paper, cardboard or metal-based emery boards. Also known as glass nail files, crystal nail files are quickly becoming the go-to choice for strong, natural nails – at home and in professional salons.

Benefits of Living Libations crystal nail files:

  • Have a much higher and finer grit than cardboard files – offering effective filing power that’s incredibly gentle on your nails.
  • Prevent peeling, chipping and breaking often caused by paper and metal files.
  • Last up to 10x longer than traditional files –crystal nail files last for years!
  • Are much more sanitary thantraditional nail files which are porous. The crystal glass file can be easily cleaned with soap and water or sterilized with heat.
  • Where cardboard nail files quickly wear out and become dull – all the while harboring germs and bacteria – the Crystal Nail File offers noticeably smoother nails that are protected from chipping, breaking and infections.

Living Libations Crystal Nail File is crafted from hardened, tempered crystal glass that is sand-blasted to seal the filing surface and make it more abrasive.

Crystal Nail File Specs:

135mm/5.32 inches long

2mm/0.08 inches thick

Sheathed in a natural Jute cotton sleeve.

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