Collection: Seed to Skin Tuscany

Seed to Skin Tuscany is a luxury skincare brand that deeply integrates the principles of nature with scientific innovation. Founded by Jeanette Thottrup in the scenic region of Tuscany, the brand operates from a philosophy of 'Green Molecular Science', which aims to deliver potent natural benefits deeply into the skin's layers using advanced molecular delivery systems. Their products are crafted from high-quality natural, organic, and wild ingredients, all sustainably sourced from their organic farm or responsible micro-producers.

The brand boasts a holistic approach, producing everything in-house at their state-of-the-art laboratory in Borgo Santo Pietro, ensuring traceability and integrity in every product. Seed to Skin's offerings range from facial cleansers and serums to body care, all designed to provide effective, luxurious care that respects both skin health and the environment.