Collection: Lilfox

LILFOX is a Miami-based luxury skincare brand founded in 2014 by Alexis Rose. The brand is distinguished for its blend of clean cosmetic chemistry with the finest organic botanicals, crafting what they call "Intelligent Skin Couture." LILFOX combines aromatherapy with exotic ingredients, integrating moon-charged crystals and high vibration hydrosols into their formulations, which are designed to transform skincare routines into sensorial, mood-shifting experiences.

The products are characterized by their high concentrations of clinically proven actives, enhancing their potency and effectiveness. LILFOX caters to a sophisticated skincare audience, offering items like the "Dewy Bean Dream" serum and the "Prickly Pear Illuminating Face Nectar," which are celebrated for their luxurious textures and transformative properties. The brand emphasizes sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring all ingredients are organic, biodynamic, or wildcrafted.