Collection: Kopa Kauai

Kopa Kauai is a soap company located in Hanalei, Hawaii, renowned for its artisanal and handcrafted soaps that are inspired by the tropical environment of the island. Their signature products include both Sea Salt Soaps and Classic Soaps, which are made using traditional hot process methods. These soaps are known for their unique blends of natural clays, herbs, and botanicals, which serve as colorants and provide various skin benefits. Each bar is crafted to evoke the essence of the island, with scents and textures that aim to create a sensorial and nostalgic experience for the user.

The Sea Salt Soaps, one of their standout offerings, are particularly noted for incorporating sea salt that helps the skin absorb glycerin—a natural moisturizer produced during the soap-making process. This element makes their Sea Salt Soaps distinctive in their moisturizing properties compared to standard soaps.