Try Carotenoids for Deeply Moisturized and Soft Skin

Carotenoids Oil Serum by Creation can be seamlessly incorporated into any ageless beauty skincare routine for soft and conditioned skin. Available here.

Carotenoids Oil Serum by Creation

Carotenoids is a fast absorbing oil serum that leaves no residue when applied to damp skin. It has a gorgeous blend of oils of cacay, rosehip and buriti, that help to brighten, protect and restore your skin. Apply a few drops on damp skin and enjoy a rejuvenated looking complexion.

Tip: Best if you first warm the oil by rubbing your hands together and either pressing into the skin or by smoothing over the skin as you give yourself a gentle massage.

Shop Carotenoids Oil Serum here.

Photo by @smallbitsofloveliness.

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