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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Holy Basil Essential Oil

LIVING LIBATIONS - Holy Basil Essential Oil

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Holy Basil Essential Oil

All hail Holy Basil, a plant so sacred it is worshipped in Hindu culture as the botanical incarnation of the god Vishnu. Living Libations Holy Basil Essential Oil is a sparkling diamond of botanical dynamism; an elixir so sacred, so mighty, that it’s venerated across India for its life enhancing enchantment. Also known as Tulsi, the sweet, herbaceous oil from this flowering plant has been a principle of Ayurvedic care for centuries. Holy Basil a purifying plant tonic used to boost feelings of bliss and to sanctify mind, body, and sacred spaces with its holy energy.

Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum
Botanical Family: Lamiacaea

Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Part of Plant Distilled: Leaves and flowers

Country of Origin: India
Cultivation Method: Organic
Composition: 100% Ocimum sanctum

Consistency: Thin
Scent Description: Fresh-plucked basil wrapped in sweet, spicy cloves; warm and herbaceous with subtle hints of mint, anise, and camphor.

In Living Libations: Feeling Good Today

Blends well with: Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Silver Fir, Cedar, Sandalwood, Hyssop, Frankincense, Peppermint, Oregano, Cardamom, Rose, Lemon, Spikenard, Greenland Moss, and Vetiver.

Uses: Excellent in Living Libations salt pipes. Boosting to baths. Delectable in culinary creations. A lovely liniment when used diluted in massage oils and serums. Infusion into rooms by diffusion is purifying and peaceful.

Holy Basil is a centuries old herbal that has been used throughout Hindu cultures to promote wellness and spiritual enlightenment. Some Hindus believe Holy Basil is the botanical incarnation of the god Vishnu, as well as the favorite herb of Krishna and Lakshmi. To this day, many Hindu families keep a Holy Basil plant in their courtyards as both a spiritual safeguard. They also use the plant's sweet essence to drink as tea to enliven the spirt and adorn the plant with gifts and revere it to give thanks to the gods.

Holy Basil Essential Oil also has an important role in Ayurvedic care. It is considered perfectly purifying, balancing, and harmonizing. Those with a Kapha disposition will find Holy Basil to be particularly clarifying and invigorating.

While the sweet, spicy, camphorous fragrance of this oil is warming and engaging, it's the unique plant properties of this organic essential oil that have made it one of the most venerated elixirs on earth. This adaptagenic essence is versatile bringing comfort and cerebral calm to soothe frazzled feelings.

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