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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Illume Classic Camphorous Balm

LIVING LIBATIONS - Illume Classic Camphorous Balm

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Illume Classic Camphorous Balm

Formerly, Illume Breathing Balm - new name yet the formula remains the same.

Boost your body’s fortification force and start to breathe calm with Living Libations Illume Classic Camphorous Balm.

This fortifying fusion of perfectly potent and clarifying-camphorous essences lubricates the alters of your airway, keeps the fluids flowing, ventilates your vitality, and argues your case against airborne aversions.

At Living Libations they’ve conscripted a cavalry of verdant essences to comfort and calm, cleanse and clarify, eliminate and illuminate until your vibrancy and vitality are rebalanced and restored.

This deep breather’s dream-balm is bottled apothecary. lllume Classic Camphorous Balm contains extra emollient Jojoba oil and happy Beeswax that glides your glad exhalations and relaxes red and tired tissues. They are blended with the emancipating essences of Hyssop, Thyme, Ravensara, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Oregano so that you may speak, sing, and sleep unwinded.

How to use: Anoint nostrils to lube during dry winter months and air travel. This balm is also the best for applying to the chest, soles of feet, and any skin that needs some liberating TLC.

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis, Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis decumbens, Thyme - Thymus vulgaris, Ravensara - Ravensara aromatica, Rosemary - Rosemarinus officinalis, Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus, Oregano - Origanum vulgare, Happy Beeswax - Cera alba.

Available in 15ml

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