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LIVING LIBATIONS - Forest Cologne - Eaglewood Ether

LIVING LIBATIONS - Forest Cologne - Eaglewood Ether

Mountain and sky are the fulsome force behind this airy cologne of evocative Eaglewood oil. Masculine mountain magnetism emerges in a bark-balsamic-bouquet with a hint of sweet tobacco fortified with fresh, open air and rich resinous notes. This is how serene, steadfast, and free must smell.

...for the most part they quenched their thirst with deep draughts of mingled dew and rain, flavoured with forest flowers and the airy taste of the thinnest clouds."
Prince Caspian, CS Lewis

Directions: Spritz on neck, chest, and hair post-shower or after shave before you venture into your day. Spray in the air, on clothing, or in a room to uplift the space.

Organic Ingredients:- Eaglewood - Aetoxylon sympetalum Frankincense - Boswellia carterii White Cypress Leaf - Callitris glaucophylla Benzoin - Styrax benzoin Bergamot - Citrus bergamia Marjoram - Origanum marjorana Biodynamic Grape Alcohol

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