Antioxidant-Rich Face Oil for Spring & Summer

For Spring and Summer it's really beneficial to add skincare products that support your skin under the Sun. Freedom Fighter Antioxidant Face Oil from Free + True was especially formulated for the woman on the go who basks in outdoor excursions and sun-filled days. Available here.

a woman is holding a skincare product in white glass bottle with a bamboo cap and white dropper. The product is the focus in this image, it is in the middle of the image. Woman has her hand extended towards the camera. She has straight long brown hair and a beige shirt, and she is standing in the forest. behind her are tall tress. Only the product and woman's hand is in focus, the rest is blurred out and out of focus.

This luxurious facial oil is rich in sun-ripened superfruits, California grown botanicals and firming CoQ10. Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and minerals that nourish and protect, this revitalizing facial oil absorbs quickly, leaving your skin looking supple and radiant.

Use this formula to supercharge the effectiveness of your moisturizer or as a double layer of protection to support your daily SPF.

Order Freedom Fighter Antioxidant Face Oil here.

Photo by Free + True.

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