Unisex Face Oil by Wonder Valley

Very curious to know how you choose products to try? Is it the ingredients, the packaging, the positive reviews? Or is it something else?

For me Wonder Valley products are all that but I do have to say that their packaging really drew me in. This is their Face Oil, a super vibrant orange-colored oil that comes in this utterly cute matte glass bottle. Doesn’t it look stunning? I love the scent - it is an intoxicating scent of Cedarwood with warm and grounding notes. A beautiful complex scent with Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, Myrrh and Neroli. A wonderful unisex scent.

Best for dry, combination, sensitive, acne-prone, oily skin and rosacea.

Face Oil by Wonder Valley is available here.

Photos by @smallbitsofloveliness.

Face Oil by Wonder Valley

Face Oil by Wonder Valley

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