Collection: LVNEA

LVNEA is a niche perfumery based in Montreal, Canada, founded by April Lea. The brand specializes in natural and botanical perfumes, crafted with a focus on pure plant essences and unique aromatic combinations. LVNEA’s products are known for blending the natural world with ethereal elements, using traditional French perfumery techniques alongside minimalist design aesthetics. Each fragrance from LVNEA is designed to evoke distant memories and stir unwritten desires, encapsulating stories and emotions through scent.

April Lea, the perfumer behind LVNEA, draws inspiration from plant lore, mythology, and her personal connection to the natural world. The perfumes are made from all-natural materials, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainable sourcing and creating a deep, sensory experience that reflects both ancient traditions and modern craftsmanship. LVNEA offers a range of products from eau de parfum to botanical perfume oils and solid perfumes, all created in small batches and bottled in-house in their Montreal studio.