Collection: Tidelands House

Tidelands House is a distinguished Canadian organic skincare brand that marries ancestral methods with contemporary holistic practices. Their products are crafted by hand, utilizing wild-foraged, biodynamic botanicals that are harvested at their peak to ensure maximum nutrient density. The brand's formulations are created by herbalist and master formulator Dominique Del Col in a heritage stone cottage converted into a solar-illuminated stillroom, emphasizing sustainability and a profound connection with the indigenous landscape.

Tidelands House focuses on producing phytonutrient-rich body and facial care products, featuring fresh herbal distillations and house-fermented flower essences. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their foraging practices, which are conducted mindfully along the shores of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This approach supports the natural resiliency of the skin while nourishing it with the finest organic ingredients.