Collection: NOTO

NOTO Botanicals is a distinctive, gender-inclusive skincare and cosmetic brand founded by Gloria Noto. It's celebrated for its commitment to clean, multi-use products that cater to a diverse consumer base. Gloria Noto, inspired by her background as a professional makeup artist and her desire to create a more inclusive beauty industry, launched the brand to embody values of diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

The brand prides itself on its minimalist and effective products, made using all-natural ingredients. NOTO Botanicals is particularly noted for its activism and community involvement, contributing to various causes through sales from products like the Agender Oil. Their product lineup is designed to be multi-functional, aligning with their ethos of simplicity and versatility in beauty and self-care.

NOTO Botanicals also emphasizes sustainability in its packaging and operations, using biodegradable and recycled materials to lessen environmental impact.