Collection: Rachel's Plan Bee

Rachel's Plan Bee is a skincare brand that focuses on creating products with multi-beneficial properties, using familiar aromas and textures inspired by happy memories. The brand was originally developed to provide gentle and effective skincare for the founder's son, who has special needs, emphasizing products that are simple yet effective. The ethos of the brand revolves around the belief that "self-care is healthcare," aiming to incorporate moments of personal wellness into daily routines.

Their product range includes body oils, butters, polishes, and soaps, all crafted with ingredients meant to nourish and support healthy skin. For example, their body oils and butters are designed to deeply moisturize the skin, featuring inviting scents like Orange Vanilla and Lavender Citrus that aim to uplift and soothe the senses. Rachel's Plan Bee emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and maintains a commitment to being free from artificial fragrances, gluten, and palm oil.

The brand also expresses a strong commitment to sustainability and giving back, aligning their operations and initiatives with broader community support goals. This reflects their mission to not only enhance personal care routines but also to make a positive impact on the community and environment​