About us

I am a Montreal blogger who writes about natural, organic, and ethical skincare that decided to pursue her passion and open an online store.

A few years ago, I began blogging about beauty products and lifestyle. I got really interested in looking at the ingredient lists, and made some research, reading a lot on the subject. Very quickly, I made some scary discoveries about all the diseases related to our lifestyle, and I decided to make a huge clean up in the bathroom for the family, the kids. I threw everything away because I am a bit of an extremist, and after reading and seeing all the chemicals contained in our products, I couldn’t go back. I thought that natural stuff was for herbalists and granola witches. Obviously, my blog followed the same direction and I had the chance to try a plethora of beautiful products on the market, that were unfortunately not always accessible, and always associated with multple shipping costs and custom fees. With time passing by, the idea of a one-stop shop was growing in my mind and as soon as I was able to complete my studies, I launched The Green Jungle Beauty Shop on May 22nd, 2015.

I believe that we shouldn’t sacrifice our health at the cost of beauty. All the products that you will find in this store are all carefully selected because they respect our body and our environment. I personnally try and select all the products offered at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop and I am always looking for new products that use chemical-free and organic ingredients that are not tested on animals.  

I care about the environment and I will also do my best to avoid over-packaging your products. I am not really a fan of bubble wrap, but if I receive some from a supplier, well there is a good chance that you might find it in your package!

I reuse everything! This doesn’t mean a package that is not nice, far from it! It will be even nicer!



We invite you to learn to read the ingredients by yourself and do your research. Become your own expert. We do not pretend to be experts; we believe that you should fight for your personal values and avoid the ingredients that do not go in the same direction. The ultimate goal is to be aware and informed about what we buy on a daily basis and use on our body. When we choose the brands, at The Green Jungle beauty shop, we have certain standards that want to avoid most of the chemical and synthetic products in beauty products. However, certain products could contain ingredients that you might want to avoid. We do not pretend to be absolutely pure. We are happy to provide you the lists of ingredients in each product card. Make this effort yours, get informed!  



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