LIVING LIBATIONS - Nebulizing Diffuser

$ 88.00 CAD

LIVING LIBATIONS - Nebulizing Diffuser

Activate your air, bless your breaths, and hearten your home with delightful drafts of aromatic essential oils.

Differing from diffusers that use water, our dry air Nebulizing Diffuser imparts a potent micro-mist of essential oil molecules that liberates lungs, satiates nostrils and saturates your space with scent in a flourishing flash. Add only organic, authentic essential oils to the reservoir, which are drawn up through the spray nozzle and puffed out into the air sending a verdant-vapor of aroma into the surrounding space to cleanse, cheer and uplift the atmosphere.

This compact diffuser delivers aroma on a substantial scale and is easily portable from room to room or the hotel room.  




**Please note - essential oils and/or blends are not included and can be purchased separately.

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