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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Beechwood Nail Brush

LIVING LIBATIONS - Beechwood Nail Brush

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Beechwood Nail Brush

Form and function converge in Living Libations beautifully designed Beechwood Nail Brush.

Deftly double-sided, Living Libations nail brush has long bristles on one side to rub and scrub hands and feet and aptly angled short bristles on the reverse side to firmly clean cuticles and under the nails.

For extra hand care, add a drop of Tea Tree or Lavender to sudsy bristles to banish biofilms and get rid of germs. For a fantastic finishing touch, follow up with Cuticle Care Oil and Hooray Hand Crème for soft, smooth hands.

These beautiful brushes are made to last and handcrafted with renewable, durable beechwood. This standard Wood Hand Brush is 9.5 x 3.5 cm (4 x 1 in). It also comes in a tiny traveller size, 6 x 2.8 cm (2.5 x 1 in).

Care Instructions: The bodies of the brushes are made of solid, oiled beechwood. Wooden brushes are best not left sitting in water. When you take a pause from brushing, place the brush large bristle-side down on the edge of the sink or tub.

After using, rinse the bristles with clear water. Tap off excess water and place the brush bristles downwards on a dry towel. The bristles may be washed in lukewarm, soapy water, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, or dropped into boiling water for 30 seconds and dried in the sun.

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