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Now this is bliss! Slip into a hammock of happiness with Living Libations Bliss Tonic, a harmonious blend of organic, revitalizing essences that will enhance creativity and open the heart.


Available in 10ml

Product Description


Is it possible to roll-on reverie? To dab on a bit of delight? And what if you could kiss temples and wrists with the delicate whisper of pure, unbridled bliss?


Living Libations Bliss Tonic combines a harmonious mix of delectable, pure organic root essences into a portable, roll-on scent blend for body and soul. Lavender, spikenard, ylang, bergamot, geranium blood orange and alkanet root rejoice in heavenly reverie! 


Slip into a hammock of happiness as you roll Bliss Tonic onto temples, wrists, the backs of your knees, the nape of your neck, anywhere you please! This Bliss ignites the senses, awakening the artist within and opening the spirit to communion with the self, with others, and with the divine. 


Organic Ingredients: 


Lavender – The fantastically calming effects of lavender have made it one of the most widely used oils in aromatherapy. Lavender is known to dissipate stress and tension, relax body and mind, alleviate headaches and migraines, and invite an all-pervasive sense of well-being. 

Ylang – The fresh, floral scent of ylang ignites the senses and sends stress packing! This potent aphrodisiac is balancing, harmonizing, energizing, and endlessly life-affirming. 

Bergamot – Sweet, citrusy bergamot is a powerful antidepressant that eases anxiety and invokes a sense of happy wonderment. Bergamot is also known to have wonderful benefits for the skin, making each dab of Bliss Tonic a kiss of healing bliss. 

Roses over Geranium - The delicate scent of geranium and rose petals dances with delight to relax and ignite creativity. 

Blood orange – The scent of happiness! Tangy tingles of joy uplift and increase confidence. 

Spikenard – Precious spikenard was used throughout the ancient world for its delectable scent and power to soothe. Known as a mighty source of spiritual inspiration and balance, spikenard was a favorite oil of the Ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Mary Magdalene.

Alkanet root – Pure, organic alkanet root gives our Bliss Tonic its ruby red kiss of color. 

Jojoba – Jojoba is a skin super hero because it contains all soluble forms of Vitamin E, as well as high levels of tocopherols and phenolic compounds. This oil is very similar to our body’s own oils, making it a marvelous moisturizer that is effortlessly absorbed by the skin.


Ce mélange harmonieux d’essences organiques et revitalisantes améliorera votre créativité et ouvrira votre cœur. Ce mélange de parfum élève votre esprit grâce à la lavande, à l’ylang-ylang, à la bergamote, à l’orange sanguine, au géranium et à la racine d’alkanet. Utilisez ce produit sur les tempes, les poignets, le dos des genoux, la nuque et partout où vous le souhaitez.


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