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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Clarifying Clay Soap

LIVING LIBATIONS - Clarifying Clay Soap

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Clarifying Clay Soap

Living Libations Clarifying Clay Soap is a cleansing, balancing bar soap made with gorgeous green clay, pure plant botanicals, and opulent essential oils to gently wash and clean hands, arm pits, and privates.

Clarifying Clay Soap is a botanical bar soap crafted with cleansing French green clay, also known as sea clay, a natural occurring element captured from quarries in France. It is highly absorbent. French Green Clay gets its lovely green hue from ancient iron oxides and decomposed, organic plant matter.

The clay is swirled into soap with Cacao Butter, Golden Jojoba, and Virgin Coconut oil to drench the skin in marvelous amounts of moisture. Saponified Olive oil works with the clay to cleanse the skin. Yarrow and Rosemary clarify and rejuvenate the skin. Eucalyptus, Cypress, and Laurel fortify skin and aromatically motivate in the morning.

Add-On Option - Living Libations organic Soap Saver Bamboo Bags are perfect to use as a gentle exfoliating mitt and/or as a soap-saving sack. Made from organic bamboo yarn, these handy sacks can be used to store your soap bar for travel and prevent the bar from getting gooey at home. Simply lather through the bag and hang the sack with the soap in it to dry.

Soap Saver Scrap Bags

In the process of shaping Living Libations soapmaking into classic bars of soap they create soap remnants.

Living Libations Soap Saver Scrap Bags are the sudsy solution for those looking to save on their heavenly hand-milled soap.

Each Bamboo Soap Saver Bag is filled with approximately 140g-160g of Living Libations' all-natural soap ends after cutting the soap loaves into bars.

Soap Scraps are handy for:

  • Washing hands.
  • Hang ready to go soap saver bag in shower area.
  • Take smaller pieces in travelling or camping kits.
  • Place the Soap Saver Bag in drawers or cars to scent.

Soap Scraps are bundled by weight and stored in Living Libations Soap Saver Bamboo Bags. Each bundle has unique shapes and sizes of soap.

How to use: Perfect for a hand and nail scrub and for gently washing armpits and private areas that require extra attention. (We recommend Best Skin Ever as a better option for the face and body.)

INGREDIENTS: French Green Clay - Montmorillonite, Cacao Butter - Theobroma cacao, Jojoba Oil - Simmondsia chinensis, Saponified Olive Oil - Olea europaea, Virgin Coconut Oil - Cocos nucifera, Yarrow Essential Oil - Achillea millefolium, Rosemary Essential Oil - Rosemarinus officinalis, Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eucalyptus globulus, Cypress Essential Oil - Cypress sempervirens, Laurel Essential Oil - Laurus nobilis.

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