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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Clary Sage Essential Oil

LIVING LIBATIONS - Clary Sage Essential Oil

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Clary Sage Essential Oil

Enchanting Clary Sage Essential Oil is steam distilled from organic flowering plants that grow in the fragrant fields of southern France. In addition to being a wonderful de-stressor, Clary Sage inspires feelings of euphoria and blesses the very essence of femininity. Anoint the body with this mysterious, ancient oil that has been called "one of the most enigmatic essential oils in aromatherapy's mysterious apothecary."

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Botanical Family: Lamiaceae

Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers

Country of Origin: France
Cultivation Method: Organic
Composition: 100% Salvia sclarea

Consistency: Thin viscosity
Scent Description: Warm, soothing, herbaceous, fresh notes of green herbs.

Blends well with: Cedar, Bergamot, Marjoram, Frankincense, Chamomile, Petitgrain, Rose Otto, Rosemary, and Frankincense.

Uses: Unwinds the mind and pacifies apprehension. Inhale in salt pipes, diffuse and inhale for meditations.

Mix with marjoram for melting moontime massages. Stirs sensuality. Beautiful in baths. Serene in serums. In skincare tonics, Clary Sage balances oil production in the skin and scalp for natural radiance.

Clary Sage Essential Oil's euphoric, green opal buds promote a delightful sense of tranquility and even giddiness. Quelling Clary Sage may be used to anoint the body at the temples and wrists for a peaceful perfume. A euphoric botanical, Living Libations comforting Clary Sage Essential Oil is a fantastic ointment for abdominal massage, especially during the majesty of moontime care.

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