LIVING LIBATIONS - Diffuser Blend Hearth Mirth

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Diffuser Blend Hearth Mirth

Living Libations Hearth Mirth is an uplifting fusion of fragrant, elegant essences to invite merriment and mirth into the home. A welcome addition to any holiday party.

A sense of pure glee abounds as our Hearth Mirth blend is diffused to gladden your heart and home with traditional warming winter scents of evergreens and citrus. A welcome addition any holiday party, Hearth Mirth is a cheerful choice for seasons of nostalgia, familial moments of warmth and friendship, and for dispelling the winter blues.


Directions: This scent can be diffused in the room, added to a steaming winter bath, or diluted for massage. For best results, use with Living Libations Breeze Bamboo Diffuser.

Organic Ingredients:- Blood Orange Oil - Citrus sinensis White Fir Oil - Abies alba Douglas Fir Oil - Pseudotsuga menziesi Palo Santo Oil - Bursera graveolens Bergamot Oil - Citrus bergamia

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