Living Libations - Fawn Lily

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Living Libations - Fawn Lily

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Anoint the landscape of your body with Living Libations Fawn Lily petal perfume, a distinct floral blend of tuberose petals, linden blossoms, cape chamomile buds, neroli blossoms, ylang flowers, and elderberry blossoms. This angelic bouquet is dappled with intermittent bursts of blood orange and wrapped in a dollop of vibrant vanilla beans.


Scent Essence

The first rays of dawn descend from the heavens, forming a diaphanous gown of translucent light around every blade of grass and precious petal. As the chartreuse sunrise spirals ever downward, each beam winding deep into the nectary of flower upon flower, citrus groves awaken to the glorious fragrance of neroli. 

The dreamy essence of Fawn Lily adorns the body in a fragrant garland woven from the blossom-banks of purity. Celestial treasures of boundless beauty ignite the senses as the true nectar of the blossoms bestows its gifts with every spritz. 

Tuberose fans the flames of the heart while elderberry exhales a misty medieval fairytale. Wafts of rich neroli dance upon the breeze while blood orange ensorcels the blossoming floral garden. 

Living Libations Fawn Lily Petal Perfume will transport you to the flower fields and petal patches of your inner freedom, where you will twirl amongst the linden-lilies of your heart’s desire. 

Organic Ingredients: 

Tuberose Petals – Rich, hearty tuberose was revered by the Mayans for its power to increase well-being, alleviate stress, decrease anxiety and intensify feelings of love and compassion. Tuberose deepens meditation and trance work and has been shown to improve metaphysical capabilities. 

Linden Blossoms – Sweet and verdant with subtle green notes, linden opens the pathways of communication between friends and lover. This essence encourages mindfulness by increasing self-awareness and cultivating empathy for others. 

Cape Chamomile Flowers – Fruity and fragrant, this azure blue oil is an energizing sedative that alleviates depression while calming anxiety and revitalizing the nervous system. Used to ground and center the worried mind, Cape chamomile is also effective in breaking addictions and other harmful habits. 

Neroli Blossoms – Sunny orange blossoms relaxes body and uplifts the mind while improving focus and clarity. Neroli eases resistance and restlessness, alleviates fear and anxiety, and pacifies extreme emotions like shock, despair, and hysteria. 

Ylang Blossoms – Sweet and robust, ylang inspires positive, peaceful feelings as it releases fear and unresolved anger. It is also a wonderful aphrodisiac that relaxes stressed bodies and minds, lifts depression, and soothes anxious thoughts. 

Elderberry Flowers– The oil of the ancient elderberry has long been used to balance extreme emotions. Escape stressful ups and downs with nature’s great equalizer. 

Blood Orange – The fresh citrus tang of blood orange relaxes frazzled nerves, calms anxiety, and dispels depression. Sweet, delicious, and utterly aromatic, blood orange opens the heart to lasting joy and infinite gratitude. 

Vanilla beans – Warm, rich vanilla wraps the senses in a sweet, sensual embrace. As nature’s most potent aphrodisiac, vanilla melts the tensions of the day while igniting the desire to play, play, play!


Le Fawn Lily est un parfum floral qui mélange des pétales de tubéreuse, des fleurs de tilleul, des bourgeons de camomille, de la fleur de néroli, des fleurs d’ylang et de sureau. Ce bouquet angélique est ponctué par des touches intermittentes d’orange sanguine enveloppées par un soupçon de vanille.


Essence de parfum

Dans ce parfum, on retrouve de la tubéreuse qui enflamme nos cœurs, des fleurs de sureau, une bouffée de néroli associée à une orange sanguine qui ensorcelle le tout.



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