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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Hydrating Silicone Mask

LIVING LIBATIONS - Hydrating Silicone Mask

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Hydrating Silicone Mask

Super-juice your skin care with Living Libations Hydrating Silicone Sheet or Silicone Face Mask. Non-porous silicone locks in the dewy flower-power and endless emollients of your favorite Libations to invoke your outer glow.

The soft, face-fitting Silicone Face Mask refreshes and revives your visage, and it is super simple to use: wash your face with your favorite Best Skin Ever and then apply another dollop of Best Skin Ever, a Libations Serum, or Mask (Royal Rose, Papaya + Lime, Frankincense Honey, Rosemary Reset), or mix a mask with a best skin ever and a nutrient like spermidine, clay or probiotics. Spread the silicone mask gently over your face, lining up the nose and eye holes, and hook the loops around your ears. Remove the silicone mask after 10-15 minutes (or as long as desired) and clean it before storing.

The Hydrating Silicone Sheet is used in the same way as the face mask, yet it can be shaped to fit any part of the body that needs extra hydration or TLC, and it’s easy to trim to fit. Apply a serum, place the Silicone Sheet over it, and secure with kinesiology tape if needed.

To clean: After use, wash with a Libations shampoo, clay soap, or natural soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and allow the silicone mask to fully dry before storing.

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