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Languid Love Butter – Resplendent Revelry

(version française en bas)

Recline in deepened states of resplendent revelry as you dive into this divine Languid Love Butter. Consecrate the divinity of your desire as you revel in the release of kulamrita nectars; a releaseignited by the floral-fluid of jasmine and ylang.

Our Languid Love Butter is a pleasure to behold in your inner flower-folds. Completely edible and organic, this lush body-butter explores every curve and crevice, saturating skin with delicate botanicals like jasmine, ylang, ginger and nutmeg. Sweet aphrodisiacs calm the mind while kindling the body with deep desire.

Languid Love Butter is created with a carefully-crafted brew of beneficial botanicals. Taste, touch, glide and slide essences of jasmine, vanilla, ylang, schizandra and lemon over intertwined hips and kissing lips. Relax into a state of resplendent revelry as you recline in languid ecstasy.


Ylang – Blissful ylang flowers are a powerful relaxer and sweet-scented aphrodisiac. This inspiring aromatic brings balance to body and mind. Ylang also lowers the blood pressure, encouraging languid states of energized calm.

Jasmine – Euphoric, fragrant jasmine contains the three plant-compounds most commonly used to create aphrodisiac elixirs: linalool, indole and jasmon which also lower stress levels and blood pressure, relaxing the body and mind into a state of reception and languid elation.

Vanilla – Our sweet, sensual vanilla oil is a pure, supercritical extract that is hundreds of times more potent than ordinary vanilla extract. Completely free of chemicals and solvents, this infamous aphrodisiac balances our butter’s relaxing ingredients with an exciting, energized passion.

Nutmeg – The spicy, woodsy scent of nutmeg stimulates the circulatory system and invigorates the body from tresses to toes. Packed with marvelous medicinal compounds like limonene and myristicin, nutmeg soothes sore muscles, and unwinds the entire nervous system.

Lemon – Revitalizing lemon energizes body and mind while igniting the senses and lifting the spirits. Lemon brings a sense of joyful laughter to intimate encounters. This ingredient tempers the relaxed warmth of jasmine and ylang with a zesty squeeze of inspiring energy.

Schizandra – Lengthen your lovemaking with the endurance-enhancing effects of schizandra. This heal-all berry inspires positivity, reverses the signs of aging, improves energy, and elongates each moment of resplendent revelry.

Ginger – Ginger celebrates each skin cell, protecting the delicate tissue from the damaging impact of free radicals. This extraordinarily beneficial ingredient makes skin luminous and vibrant, clearing acne and cellulite while reducing inflammation. Heal and revitalize every inch of your body as each glide and slide invites ginger to work its magic.

Coconut Crème – Nourishing, moisturizing coconut crème disappears into the skin until it’s completely absorbed. The signs of aging are reversed as coconut fights free radicals and wraps each skin cell in a pocket of protection. The sweet, understated fragrance of coconut crème will inspire palm tree-fantasies and tropical Tahitian dreams.

Jojoba – Brilliant, astounding, incomparable jojoba! There may be no other single ingredient more beneficial to the skin than our pure, organic, Vitamin E-packed jojoba. Remarkably similar to the body’s own sebum, jojoba is thoroughly absorbed by the skin, allowing the delivery of B-complex vitamins to the tissue’s deepest layers.

Cacao Butter – Our certified-raw, organic, heirloom cacao beans make this ingredient as beneficial as it is delectable. Sweet, buttery cacao infuses every fold with protective antioxidants and revitalizing energy.


A masterpiece Review by Camilla 

"This product is truly ... a masterpiece. Because of its wonderful smooth natural texture, but especially because of its most extravagantly and expertly composed fragrance. The scent is nothing short of amazing: sweet like candy or bubblegum yet with a deep luscious tropical undertone of the ylang ylang and a fruity freshness, too. It is SO GOOD!
You cannot help but being excited and feeling the sensual love vibration when smelling it from the jar. I think that particularly MEN will love this Languid Love Butter, because it smells and tastes very feminine and delicate :-)"


Love Butter Indeed! Review by Judith 

"Oh dear......
The ecstatic scent of this love butter itself makes you blush & lush!
Its melting texture is pure wonder on the skin, letting it hydrated and delicious.
To help me unwind, I like inhaling the velvety aura... Whimsical."


Ce beurre divin à base de nectar de kulamrita, de jasmin et d’ylang réjouira tous vos sens. Il est un plaisir à contempler aussi bien de l’extérieur que de l’intérieur. Ce beurre corporel lutte contre la sécheresse cutanée et laisse sur la peau une délicieuse odeur de jasmin, d’yang, de gingembre et de muscade. Les aphrodisiaques doux qu’il contient calme l’esprit et le corps.

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