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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Lei Lady Lei Petal Perfume

LIVING LIBATIONS - Lei Lady Lei Petal Perfume

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Lei Lady Lei Petal Perfume

Living Libations Lei Lady Lei Petal Perfume unleashes a hypnotic Hawaiian reverie... Why wait any longer to inhale this floral-fantasy perfume? Wrap yourself in a garland of tropical bloom. The flower power concentrated in this perfume is immense, dazzling with blossoming scents: Carnation will caress your nose, tendrils of Tuberose petal a poetic-prose, Jasmine and Ylang sing sensuality and cling to your skin, wherein golden champa weaves a garland of grace around the foundation of Sandalwood’s deep heartwood embrace.

Lei Lady Lei is a petal-perfume that is inspired by a love of Hawaii. This love is free, it is wild. It is filled with fountains of flowers and it blossoms out in ancient, floral and fiery rhythms as it ensorcels Hawaii around you. With one spritz of these exquisite essences, a euphoric aura of bliss garlands upon the skin, a floral-rainbow envelopes the senses and you realize in a holy instant, just like lovers do, that the life you love is standing right in front of you.

“Lay, lady, lay… why wait any longer for the world to begin? You can have your cake and eat it too.” Bob Dylan

How to use: For most aromatic day, spritz on hair, chest, neck or pulse points for an all-day Lei. This tropical floral scent is a perfect perfume to give a Hawaiian vacation vibe to your space.

INGREDIENTS: Tuberose Petals - Polianthes tuberosa, Jasmine Sambac - Jasminum sambac, Carnation - Dianthus caryophyllus, Ylang - Cananga odorata, Golden Champa - Michelia champaca, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood - Santalum paniculatum, Organic Biodynamic Alcohol.

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