Living Libations - Mint Condition Lip Fix

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Living Libations - Mint Condition Lip Fix

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Do your chapped lips need a quick fix? Mint Condition Lip Fix brings cool, tingling beauty to your lips. 

Available in 5ml

Do your chapped lips need a quick fix? Mint Condition Lip Fix  brings cool, tingling beauty to your lips. 


Mint Condition Lip Fix  will nourish your lips into mint condition, lickety-split. A botanical-bouquet mixed with the wax of happy bees attend to your arid, cracked lips: organic beeswax, jojoba, peppermint, spearmint, blue tansy, frankincense, grapefruit, thyme linalool, and cardamom. Protective antioxidants kiss lips with a healing shield while peppy essences of citrus and mint cool your kisser and refresh your mind. 


All Organic Ingredients:


Jojoba – Jojoba is easily absorbed into delicate skin. Jojoba’s composition is similar to our skin’s natural oils, making it nature’s most glorious moisturizer. It contains all soluble forms of Vitamin E and leaves lips feeling their most kissable. 

Happy Beeswax – Queen bees are protected by legions of devoted worker bees, and, likewise, the wax from our happy bees will guard your lips from the elements. Beeswax forms a breathable layer on the lips to seal in moisture and protect the lips from environmental irritants.

Peppermint – Invigorating peppermint brings a burst of minty freshness and soothing coolness to dry, cracked, and chapped lips.  

Spearmint – A natural breath freshener and anti-inflammatory, spearmint is packed with protective antioxidants that shield lips from harsh environmental elements.  

Blue Tansy – The sweet fruit-floral scent of blue tansy oil belies its mighty healing powers to nourish damaged, burnt, or bruised skin. Sunburnt lips will bloom once again under the care of blue tansy. 

Frankincense – Sacred frankincense has been used for millennia to treat dry and aging skin, scars, wounds, and skin ulcers. When applied to lips, the rich, balsamic fragrance of frankincense will quickly calm the mind and lift the spirits. 

Grapefruit – Refreshing, uplifting grapefruit energizes body, mind, and spirit. It kindles a burst of energy with every application. 

Thyme linalool – Increased concentration, revitalized energy levels, and perfect protection are just a few benefits of sweet thyme. 

Cardamom – Cardamom oil conjures forgotten sensuality. A powerful aphrodisiac, cardamom makes this lip balm a luscious elixir of love just waiting to be kissed!


Jojoba, Happy Beeswax, Peppermint, Spearmint, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Thyme linalool, and Cardamom.


Vos lèvres sont gercées et vous avez besoin d’une solution rapide ? Le Mint Condition Lip Fix apporte une beauté fraîche et immédiate à vos lèvres. Il rétablira l’état de vos lèvres grâce à son bouquet botanique mêlé à de la cire d’abeille, du jojoba, de la menthe poivrée, du blue tansy, de l’encens, du pamplemousse, du thym linalol et de la cardamome. Des antioxydants protecteurs agiront comme un bouclier sur vos lèvres tandis que les essences d’agrumes et de menthe vous rafraîchiront l’esprit.

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