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This natural nailbrush is especially suitable for caring for your hands and nails. It is a healthy habit to brush fingernails and toenails each day. The nails are all little elimination organs, which need to be cleaned every day to remove the previous night’s waste products, along with cleansing daily dirt. This works very well using the short bristles of the nailbrush, which reach firmly under the nails.

For extra nail care: add a drop of tea tree or lavender to your sudsy nailbrush to clean biofilms and germs; finish with our Cuticle Care Oil and Hooray Hand Crème.

Care Instructions:

The bodies of the brushes are made of solid waxed beech wood. Wooden brushes should not be left floating in the water for the whole of your bath. When you take a pause from brushing, please place the brush bristles downwards on the edge of the bath.

After using rinse the bristles with clear water, excess water should be tapped off and the brush should be placed bristles downwards on a dry towel.

If necessary the bristles may be washed in lukewarm soapy water, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, or they can be dropped into boiling water for 30 seconds every once in awhile.

Hand Washing: Health is in Your Hands

It is cold and flu season, and handwashing signs such as “Clean Hands Save Lives” are popping up everywhere. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 80% of infections are transmitted by hands: 

  • The bacteria that cause diarrhea, pneumonia, skin and eye infections, and infectious disease are often passed along by hand. 
  • Norovirus, the most prevalent pathogen in foodborne illness, lives and thrives in the restroom. The path to norovirus contamination and illness is feces to hand to mouth and/or food. 
  • MRSA is often found on computer keyboards and under fingernails. MSRA bacteria are so dangerous because they are resistant to most antibiotics. 

Good hand hygiene is frequently called the “do-it-yourself vaccine” because this simple act can help protect you and your family from infection and disease. A thorough hand washing reduces transient bacteria on the hands and prevents pathogenic bacteria from building biofilm under the fingernails. It also breaks the illness chain by preventing hand to hand transmission.....Read More 


Clean Your Cleaners: Body Brushes, Dry Brushes, Toothbrushes & Wood Combs


Body Brushes and Dry Brushes

Quickly dip the brushes in boiling water and then set them out in the sun for a few hours to dry. 


Or, every few months, gently clean the brushes with a pure soap and rinse well. Then put them in the sun to dry.



After using your toothbrush, dip it in food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is safe to put in your mouth and will deter unfriendly bacteria from growing on the brush.


Wood Combs

Avoid soaking your wood comb in water to avoid swelling and splitting. 


Jojoba and coconut oil are beautiful for cleaning and conditioning our wood combs. Apply a small amount of oil to a clean cloth and carefully run the cloth between each tine to remove debris. If there is build-up from hair products on the comb, use a retired toothbrush to gently scrub it away. For fine toothed combs, try using a piece of unwaxed dental floss between the tines to work out any debris. Using a soft, absorbent cloth, wipe away any remaining oil.


Cette brosse à ongles naturelle est particulièrement spécifiée pour prendre soin de vos mains et de vos ongles. Les ongles doivent être nettoyés tous les jours pour ainsi éliminer les déchets et les saletés quotidiennes. Les poils de cette brosse permettent de retirer efficacement les petites impuretés qui se logent sous vos ongles. Pour un soin supplémentaire, vous pouvez ajouter une goutte d’huile d’essentielle d’arbre à thé ou de lavande sur votre brosse à ongles pour un nettoyage plus en profondeur. Terminez avec notre huile de soins pour les cuticules et notre crème pour les mains.


Instructions d’entretien : nos brosses sont fabriquées avec du bois en hêtre massif, elles ne doivent donc pas être laissées dans un endroit trop humide ou dans l’eau. Lorsque vous avez fini de l’utiliser, placez les poils de la brosse vers le bas sur le bord de la baignoire. Après avoir rincer les poils avec de l’eau claire, retirez l’excédent d’eau grâce à une serviette sèche. Si nécessaire vous pouvez nettoyer les poils avec de l’eau savonneuse tiède ou rincer les poils avec du peroxyde d’hydrogène.

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