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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Sandalwood Poetic Pits

LIVING LIBATIONS - Sandalwood Poetic Pits

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Sandalwood Poetic Pits

Sandalwood’s ancient aphrodisiac’s ambrosial aroma is now conveniently prepared in a redolent roll-on bottle to easily enjoy neat as a perfume, cologne or an underarm charm.

Harnessing the heartwood of this aromatic gem, Living Libations Sandalwood is ethically harvested and steam-distilled to capture the serene honey-scented essential oil that draws upon 4,000 years of traditional medicinal use. Sandalwood trees grow for 30 years before it begins producing quality oil, so each drop is at least three decades in the making. Sublime sandalwood is a comforting caress in times of duress, an ally to ailments, a supreme skin conditioner, a steadfast and dashing deodorant and an opulent ingredient of ancient perfumes and deodorants.

In the roll-on bottle is 100% pure Sandalwood essential oil. It has been traditionally applied to acne, wrinkles, melasma and dry scalps. Apply to hair for shiny, sensual-smelling locks.

A plant of pure inspiration, Sandalwood eases sleeplessness, opens the mind to new experiences and grounds the self while letting the spirit fly. It encourages balance and eases the overworked, stressed out mind. Living Libations Sandalwood essential oil calms as it revitalizes, energies as it balances and creates an overall feeling of delectable beauty.

INGREDIENTS: Sandalwood - Santalum album

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