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LIVING LIBATIONS - Sonic Shine Toothbrush

LIVING LIBATIONS - Sonic Shine Toothbrush

EMF-Free Angled Toothbrush

Sonic Shine advances a cheeky angle on oral care! Living Libations Sonic Shine electric toothbrush solves the standard toothbrush’s dilemma of limited action and reach. Its 45-degree angled neck and sonic vibration makes it perfectly poised to boldly reach backs of molars, comfortably cleanse plaque off the gum line, and proficiently polish mouths of all sizes. It’s also great for braces!

Living Libations innovative Sonic Shine Toothbrush delivers silky smooth and shiny teeth by removing up to five times more plaque than standard electric brushes. The powerful sonic motor with 31,000 VPM offers only good vibes with its EMF-free and ultra-quiet operation. The two-minute autotimer with thirty second intervals ensures dentist-recommended brushing for optimal gum-line hygiene and clean teeth.

Sonic Shine comes with the Sunrise cleaning brush, the Sunset polishing brush, and the Gum-line + Interdental brush.

The charger base is worldwide voltage, which means you can plug it in anywhere (100-240V) with a simple plug adapter.

3 Cleaning Modes:

  • Normal for superior teeth cleaning.
  • Soft for sensitive gums and teeth.
  • Pulse for gum stimulation.

3 Advanced Brushes:

  • Sunrise cleaning brush’s wavy bristles contour to the teeth for a deep, biofilm removing clean in the morning.
  • Sunset polishing brush has soft bristles on the inside and ultra-soft bristles on the outside to massage the gums and polish the teeth at night.
  • Gum-line + Interdental brush that cleans the gum line, the backs of teeth, and around braces.

Long Lasting Charge

Sonic Shine is water-resistant and stays charged for over one month, which means that you can leave the charger at home. The handle has a charging color indicator ring to alert you to the battery level.


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