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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Copper Tongue Scraper

LIVING LIBATIONS - Copper Tongue Scraper

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Copper Tongue Scraper

Living Libations Copper Tongue Scraper is a magic wand for your cleanest mouth ever!

Tongue scraping is a quick and easy habit that improves your oral ecology and your well-being.

Living Libations Copper Tongue Scraper is a magic mouth wand ready to transform your tongue into a toxin-free bed of awakened taste buds!

How to Scrape Your Tongue:

  1. Check tongue for changes. Before scraping, examine your tongue in the mirror. Note the color of your tongue and the texture of any film or buildup. Look at your tongue every time you scrape so you can closely monitor its health.
  2. Scrape back to front. The majority of bacteria that collect on the tongue hang out near the back where it is dark and warm. Gently glide across the surface of the tongue, scraping from the back to the front.
  3. Rinse between each scrape. Rinse the scraper with warm water to remove the residue that has collected on the scraper.
  4. Repeat 7 to 10 times. You may find that quick strokes of the scraper are more effective at removing buildup than one long scrape.
  5. Wash. Use soap and warm water to clean the Copper Tongue Scraper after each use.

Use one of these natural sanitizers on the scraper once a month:

  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to one tablespoon of baking soda. Rub the mixture onto your scraper with your fingers or a dry cloth and then rinse with water.
  • Mix salt with a few teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juice and pour the mixture over your tongue scraper. Rinse with water and dry before using.

For best results, scrape your tongue with a Copper Tongue Scraper every time you brush your teeth. By taking a twice-daily look at your tongue, you will readily spot changes that may be indicative of infections and imbalances that commonly manifest as a discolored, mucus-covered, or fuzzy looking tongue.

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