Living Libations - TruthTooth Powder Polish

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Living Libations - TruthTooth Powder Polish 

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Brighten and exfoliate for your healthiest smile ever! LL all-natural Tooth Truth Polish reveals the true beauty of healthy, balanced gums and teeth. 

Living Libations Tooth Truth Powder Polish contains an all-natural exfoliating elixir of nature’s purest, most powerful cleaning and whitening ingredients: Miracle Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Bicarbonate, Arrowroot, and MSM. 

Far from a mere cosmetic treatment, the ingredients contained in our Tooth Truth Polish do much more than make your smile look good. Packed with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal compounds, this polish has the power to help harmonize your oral ecology.

Place a pinch of Tooth Truth Powder on a dry toothbrush along with a tiny drop of Neem Enamelizer. You can also add a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Healthy Gum Drops for an extra burst of fresh, protective power. 

Tip: For an even more invigorating impact, use Tooth Truth Powder with a dry round-head electrical toothbrush. 


Miracle Salt – Purified sea salt is rich in trace minerals. Sea salt is historically known to improve gum tissue and the alkalinity of the oral environment.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Also known as baking soda, this natural whitening agent keeps teeth bright-white and shiny. Sodium bicarbonate is also said to balance pH levels in the mouth, keep harmful bacteria at bay, prevent the formation of tartar. 

Magnesium Bicarbonate – This naturally-occurring compound has been historically used to prevent calcium buildup and deposits on the teeth.  It is also said to prevent and eliminate plaque while strengthening and whitening the teeth. 

Arrowroot – Organic arrowroot is traditionally used to help prevent cavities from forming, decrease acidity, and increase alkaline levels in the mouth. 

MSM – This natural sulfur compound is known to be anti-inflammatory. A natural sulfur compound found in certain types of plants, MSM contains what’s known as active sulfur. This biological compound is what gives MSM its ability to relax tension within the mouth and gums.


Révélez l’éclat de votre sourire et exfoliez le grâce à TruthTooth Powder Polish. Cet élixir exfoliant composé d’ingrédients naturels comme du sel, du bicarbonate de sodium, du bicarbonate de magnésium et de l’arrowroot vont bien plus faire que d’améliorer votre sourire. Il contient des antibactériens, des antiviraux et des antifongiques pour ainsi vous permettre d’harmoniser votre hygiène buccale.

Placez une pincée de produit sur votre brosse à dents sèche puis ajoutez-y une petite goutte de Neem Enamelizer. Vous pouvez également ajouter une goutte de Yogi Tooth Serum ou de Health Gum Drops pour une dose supplémentaire de fraîcheur.

Pour un effet encore plus revigorant, utilisez cette poudre avec une brosse à dents électrique sèche.


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