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MAHALO - Circadian Balance

MAHALO - Circadian Balance

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MAHALO - Circadian Balance

aromatic tonic

feel: empowered, revived, refreshed, thriving, clear and balanced

The CIRCADIAN BALANCE synergy harnesses the benefits of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood that can help boost clarity and focus, Fragonia, Palo Santo and Patchouli to assist in soothing, and Blue Tansy.

Think of this tonic as your loyal companion that assists you in times of tiredness, travel (jet lag), stress, imbalance, or dullness of mind. The CIRCADIAN BALANCE’s aromatherapeutic blend can profoundly support feelings of comfort, uplifting, grounding and promote overall sense of balance, while inspiring a sense of lightness, and positivity.

How to use: roll liberally on palms and pulse points of wrist and neck, or on small pieces of tissue that you can insert inside each nostril.

0.34 fl. oz / 10 ml.

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