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Mo Mi Beauty

MO MI BEAUTY - Gua Sha Comb

MO MI BEAUTY - Gua Sha Comb

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MO MI BEAUTY - Gua Sha Comb

Mo Mi Beauty comb was designed to gently hug the natural curves of your head with every pass. Made of solid brass.

  • Gently hugs the natural curves of your scalp.
  • Has generously spaced fingers that gently run through and detangle your hair without worry of breakage.
  • Evenly distribute nourishing scalp essence or other hair serums.
  • Is made with a cooling natural metal to calm the skin.
  • Looks and feels beautifully substantial luxurious, like the self care you deserve.

Combing therapy is a simple technique that uses the right comb to both create an overall feeling of calm while cleansing and invigorating the scalp. Make this a mindful ritual to slow down and find your center. Breathe and return to a state of calm, balance and rest.

Care: Clean with soap and water, dry after use. Polish with jewelry cloth or gentle brass cleaner. Rinse with a gentle dish soap and dry.

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