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Monika Blunder

MONIKA BLUNDER - Hybrid Cream Brush

MONIKA BLUNDER - Hybrid Cream Brush

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MONIKA BLUNDER - Hybrid Cream Brush

Universal make-up brush for foundation, concealer, bronzer or blush, vegan.

This brush does it all! From foundation and concealer all the way to cream blush and bronzers, this hybrid brush will give you a flawless and natural finish. Use it to blend or layer complexion products, and buff in a circular motion for an airbrushed finish. This brush is your secret weapon!

How to use: For blending, blend the transitions of textures and skin invisibly. To intensify coverage, apply in layers. For an airbrushed effect, apply in circular motions.

Cleanse regularly with a brush cleaner or mild shampoo. 

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