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Roen Beauty

ROEN BEAUTY - Blush + Blend Brush

ROEN BEAUTY - Blush + Blend Brush

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ROEN BEAUTY - Blush + Blend Brush

This expertly designed Vegan & Cruelty Free blush brush is made with first of its kind luxurious synthetic bristles that mimic goat hair. This ultra-luxe brush delivers a perfect color contour with effortless application. The sculpted head makes it easy for picking up blush to build coverage and to diffuse easily, giving cheeks a natural-looking glow. Use with powder or cream blush.

How to use: Sweep onto cheekbones in an upward motion, then blend. Perfect for contouring and diffusing for a flawless natural or amped up look.

To clean your brush, apply a small size amount of gentle cleanser or brush shampoo to the brush and rinse. Lay flat to dry.

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