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Inlight Beauty

INLIGHT BEAUTY - Travel Light Set

INLIGHT BEAUTY - Travel Light Set

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INLIGHT BEAUTY - Travel Light Set

From the award-winning cleansing balm to the dewy floral tonic via Inlight’s luxurious face oil and travel-friendly sachets of chocolate and super-food face masks, you won’t want to go away without this set! At Inlight they believe in sustainable luxury and are delighted to be able to use a unique piece of well-travelled sail, cut by themselves in Cornwall, to line your beauty bag. Each lining is unique so no two bags will ever be the same.

Sustainably made beauty bag containing:

  • Face oil 10ml
  • Floral Tonic 50ml
  • Face Cleanser 15ml
  • Organic cotton pads
  • Super-food and Chocolate Face Mask Sachets

Ideal to take away when travelling, this covetable eco-cotton bag hosts Inlight’s beauty essentials to cleanse, tone, moisturise and pamper. Bag and sail will vary due to the nature of upcycling.

For all skin ages and sensitive skin. Balancing and restorative, suitable for all ages and skin types.

  • Clean, refreshed, balanced skin
  • Long lasting moisturising feel
  • Inlight Beauty's 3 best selling products
  • Unique bag made from upcycled sails
  • Handy travel sizes
  • Complimentary sachets included

Please see individual product pages for ingredients.

Total 2.0 fl oz 59ml | Applications vary per use

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