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Karolin Van Loon

KAROLIN VAN LOON - La Douceur, Glass Nail File

KAROLIN VAN LOON - La Douceur, Glass Nail File

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KAROLIN VAN LOON - La Douceur, Glass Nail File

Take your nail care to the next level with Karolin Van Loon Nail File.

This sustainable, crystal-esque nail file holds the power to perfectly shaped, healthy nails. Because it is made out of glass instead of metal or plastic, it is kinder to your nails and prevents breakage. It shapes and buffs your nails to pure perfection in a gentle way.

Although it is made out of glass, Karolin Van Loon Nail File is not delicate at all. The glass is sandblasted, resulting in sturdiness and durability. Made to last a lifetime, this Nail File is a sustainable option and a pretty object to look at as well.

On top of that, the Nail File is easy to use, suitable for all nail types and shapes, and easy to clean by running it under tap water or even giving it a deep clean in the dishwasher.

How to use: Place the file at a 45 degree angle underneath the edge of your nail. Use smooth, circular strokes and move from the sides towards the center of your nail. Don’t be tight - hold the file loosely - and avoid ‘sawing’ which may bring damage to the nails.

Tip: For a natural look, file your nails so that the edge of the nail runs parallel to the base of the nail.

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