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LINNÉ - NURTURE Face and Body Balm

LINNÉ - NURTURE Face and Body Balm

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LINNÉ - NURTURE Face and Body Balm

NURTURE is a rich, emollient balm designed to be a versatile addition to your skincare routine, suitable for the entire body including hands, feet, and lips. This nourishing balm is crafted with food-grade ingredients such as organic pumpkin seed oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil, and rice bran wax. These ingredients are selected for their ability to help maintain moisture, and they contribute to a more radiant, soothed appearance of the skin, especially in areas that look chapped or cracked.

Formulated with everyone in mind, NURTURE is ideal for parents, children, and babies aged 6 weeks and older, as well as anyone seeking a gentle, protective skincare product. This balm is a comforting choice for daily use, providing an extra layer of care.

The formula includes nutrient-dense passion fruit seed oil and is fragrance-free, offering a fresh, bright, and slightly tropical aroma that is subtle and dissipates as you wear it.

How to Use: NURTURE can be applied to any area of the body in need of extra care, including the face, lips, body, hands, feet, and even the scalp or hair ends.

For enhanced benefits, apply to slightly damp skin after bathing or after using a mist or serum to help seal in moisture. You can also use it generously as an overnight conditioning mask or as a protective barrier in harsh conditions.

As a balm cleanser, massage NURTURE onto dry skin, then gently remove it with a damp, warm washcloth.

Additionally, NURTURE can be used during diapering to provide a comforting layer of protection. It is suitable for skin of all ages, including children and babies aged 6 weeks and older.

INGREDIENTS: Passiflora edulis (PASSION FRUIT) seed oil*, Cucurbita pepo (PUMPKIN) seed oil*, Mangifera indica (MANGO) kernel butter*, Oryza sativa (RICE BRAN) wax, Cera alba (BEESWAX)*, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (non-gmo VITAMIN E), Hippophae rhamnoides SEABUCKTHORN) berry oil*


4 oz / 120 ml

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