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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Breast Care Bundle

LIVING LIBATIONS - Breast Care Bundle

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Breast Care Bundle

Be your breasts’ best friend! This bundle is designed with your breasts in mind. Two carefully crafted Libations and a soft dry brush unburden the chest and beget breast balance for optimal restoration.

Breast massage and dry brushing with specific botanical oils is a simple step to keep our breasts healthy and happy. Several essential oils show promise for breast imbalances. Grapefruit, Frankincense, Cypress, and Rose Otto oils contain abundant amounts of monoterpenes and limonene, a class of botanical constituents that are beneficial for breasts.

This bundle includes everything you need to care for your breasts:

  • Breast Massage Oil 50ml,
  • Verve Tonic 5ml,
  • and a Body + Breast Dry Brush
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