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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - Libation Vacation Kit

LIVING LIBATIONS - Libation Vacation Kit

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LIVING LIBATIONS - Libation Vacation Kit

Spend a week languidly lounging or abundantly exploring because your bag is already packed! The Libation Vacation Kit has everything you need for a relaxing, rejuvenating getaway that restores body, face, skin and soul to happy homeostasis.

Going on vacation doesn’t mean a sacrifice in self-care. Keep your face, body, hair, lips, mouth, and spirit infused with pure plant botanicals and organic essential oils – all packaged in a portable tote that is perfect for life on-the-go. Each travel must-have comes in the perfect size for a week away – so you stay gorgeous and refreshed along the way!

Your Libation Vacation Kit is packed with a hemp cloth in a Puffer Dopp Bag in Coffee Brown, and includes:

  • Rose Best Skin Ever 30ml,
  • True Blue Spirulina Shampoo 30ml,
  • True Blue Spirulina Conditioner 30ml,
  • Mint Condition Lip Fix 5ml,
  • Open Sky Eye Serum 10ml,  
  • Clarifying Clay Soap,
  • Organic Hemp Face Cloth

Complete your Libation Vacation Kit with your choice of:

  • Classic Poetic Pits 5ml,
  • Rose Poetic Pits 5ml,
  • Vetiver Poetic Pits 5ml,
  • Lavender Poetic Pits 5ml
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