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Living Libations

LIVING LIBATIONS - The Perfect Puffer Pocket

LIVING LIBATIONS - The Perfect Puffer Pocket

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LIVING LIBATIONS - The Perfect Puffer Pocket

Living Libations Perfect Puffer Pockets are concise carriers for your Living Libations creations, perfumes, and essences. These cushioned capsules streamline toting aromatic treasures to the gym, studio, and spa or for keeping your crystal Gua Sha set tidy and protected at home.

The amazingly ample inside is divided into two sides: one side holds up to five 5ml perfume bottles. Each side can hold a Gua Sha tool. The Perfect Puffer Pocket perfectly holds Living Libations Ultra-Fine Wood Comb too. Awesome for organizing electronics like charging cords and earbuds.

Excellent for keeping things organized in bigger bags and purses and comes in four colors for those that like to color-code when packing.

Perfect Puffer Pockets are sized 5”x 5” and are available in Wisteria White, Mimosa Mauve, Primrose Pink, and Seafoam Green.

All bags come empty, without any products inside.

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