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LONDONTOWN - Glass Nail File - Black

LONDONTOWN - Glass Nail File - Black

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LONDONTOWN - Glass Nail File - Black 

Effortless nail filing.

A gentle and precise alternative to traditional nail files. This crystal glass, double-sided file is permanently etched with just the right balance of grit to effortlessly glide and shape tough nails and gently contour fragile ones. Nails are left with a smooth, seamless finish to help prevent splitting, cracking and chipping. This manicure must-have is such a game-changer, you'll want one on-hand at all times.

  • fo all nail types
  • for even the most delicate nails
  • suitable for natural and artificial nails

How to use: Start on one side of the nail filing in one direction, repeat on other side until desired shape is achieved.

To Clean: Simply rinse with mild soap and water, then let dry.

To Disinfect: Clean file with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or use a UV Light Sanitizer.

INGREDIENTS: Tempered, crystal glass.

Ultra durable crystal glass filing surface endures countless uses without wear. Double-sided, tempered glass makes for a durable, shatter-resistant file. File is etched with the perfect level of grit to effortlessly contour even the most delicate nails. Both sides of the crystal glass filing surface are etched with the same level of grit.

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